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1- Apprencice
2- Fellowcraft
3- Master
4- Secret Master
5- Perfect Master
6- Intimate Secretary
7- Provost and Judge
8- Intendant of the Building
9- Elu of the Nine
10- Illustrious Elect Of The Fifteen
11- Sublime Elect of the Twelve, or Prince Ameth
12- Grand Master Architect
13- Royal Arch Of Solomon
14- Grand Elect, Perfect, and Sublime Mason
15- Knight Of The East Or Of The Sword
16- Prince Of Jerusalem
17- Knight Of The East And West
18- Knight Rose Croix
19- Grand Pontiff
20- Grand Master Of All Symbolic Lodges
21- Noachite, Or Prussian Knight
22- Knight Of The Royal Axe
23- Chief Of The Tabernacle
24- Prince Of The Tabernacle
25- Knight Of The Brazen Serpent
26- Prince Of Mercy Or Scottish Trinitarian
27- Knight Commander Of The Temple
28- Knight Of The Sun Or Prince Adept
29- Grand Scottish Knight Of St Andrews
30- Knight Kadosh
31- Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander
32- Sublime Prince Of The Royal Secret

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