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... to spread the cement of brotherly love and affection, that cement which unites us into one sacred band or society of brothers, among whom no contention should ever exist, but that noble emulation of who can best work or best agree ...

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the builders

Joseph newton

(The literature of Masonry is very large, and the following is only a small selection of such books as the writer has found particularly helpful in the course of this study. The notes and text of the foregoing pages mention many books, sometimes with brief characterizations, and that fact renders a longer list unnecessary here.)

Anderson, Book of Constitutions.

Armitage, Short Masonic History, 2 vols.

Arnold, History and Philosophy of Masonry.

Ashmole, Diary.

Aynsley, Symbolism East and West.

Bacon, New Atlantis.

Bayley, Lost Language of Symbolism.

Breasted, Religion and Thought in Egypt.

Budge, The Gods of Egypt.

Callahan, Washington, the Man and the Mason.

Capart, Primitive Art in Egypt.

Carr, The Swastika.

Catholic Encyclopedia, art. "Masonry."

Churchward, Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man.

Conder, Hole Craft and Fellowship of Masonry.

Crowe, Things a Freemason Ought to Know.

Cumont, Mysteries of Mithra.

Da Costa, Dionysian Artificers.

De Clifford, Egypt the Cradle of Masonry.

De Quincey, Works, vol xvi.

Dill, Roman Life.

Encyclopedia Britannica, art. "Freemasonry."

Fergusson, History of Architecture.

Findel, History of Masonry.

Finlayson, Symbols of Freemasonry.

Fort, Early History and Antiquities of Masonry.

Gorringe, Egyptian Obelisks.

Gould, Atholl Lodges.

Gould, Concise History of Masonry.

Gould, History of Masonry, 4 vols.

Gould, Military Lodges.

Haige, Symbolism.

Hastings, Encyclopedia of Religion, art. "Freemasonry."

Hayden, Washington and his Masonic Compeers.

Holland, Freemasonry and the Great Pyramid.

Hope, Historical Essay on Architecture.

Hughan, History of the English Rite.

Hughan, Masonic Sketches and Reprints.

Hughan and Stillson, History of Masonry and Concordant Orders.

Hutchinson, The Spirit of Masonry.

Jewish Encyclopedia, art. "Freemasonry."

Kennedy, St. Paul and the Mystery-Religions.

Lawrence, Practical Masonic Lectures.

Leicester Lodge of Research, Transactions.

Lethaby, Architecture.

Lockyear, Dawn of Astronomy.

Mackey, Encyclopedia of Freemasonry.

Mackey, Symbolism of Masonry.

Manchester Lodge of Research, Transactions.

Marshall, Nature a Book of Symbols.

Maspero, Dawn of Civilization.

Mead, Quests New and Old.

Moehler, Symbolism.

Moret, Kings and Gods of Egypt.

Morris, Lights and Shadows of Masonry.

Morris, The Poetry of Masonry.

Oliver, Masonic Antiquities.

Oliver, Masonic Sermons.

Oliver, Revelations of the Square.

Oliver, Theocratic Philosophy of Masonry.

Pike, Morals and Dogma.

Plutarch, De Iside et Osiride.

Preston, Illustrations of Masonry.

Quatuor Coronati Lodge, Transactions, 24 vols.

Ravenscroft, The Comacines.

Reade, The Veil of Isis.

Rogers, History of Prices in England.

Ruskin, Seven Lamps of Architecture.

Sachse, Franklin as a Mason.

Sadler, Masonic Facts and Fictions.

St. Andrew's Lodge, Centennial Memorial.

Schure, Hermes and Plato.

Schure, Pythagoras.

Scott, The Cathedral Builders.

Smith, English Guilds.

Stevens, Cyclopedia of Fraternities.

Steinbrenner, History of Masonry.

Tyler, Oaths, Their Origin, Nature, and History.

Underhill, Mysticism.

Waite, Real History of Rosicrucians.

Waite, Secret Tradition in Masonry.

Waite, Studies in Mysticism.

Watts, The Word in the Pattern.

Wright, Indian Masonry.

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