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Preface to the Second Edition


The Methods of Anti-Masons

The Organization of Masonry

The Issue of Masonic "Experts"

Albert Pike and Lucifer

Some Accounts of Taxil's Hoax About Freemasonry and Lucifer

Some Anti-Masonic Books Using Taxil's Hoax About Freemasonry and Lucifer

Léo Taxil's False Luciferian Quotation of Albert Pike

Morals and Dogma

Anti-Masonry in the Electronic Age

The Difficulty of Dialogue

The Fundamental Misunderstanding

The Source of Accurate Information

Deficient Research

A Source Misunderstood

Unsubstantiated Allegations

A Secret Book

Selective Quotations


John Ankerberg and John Weldon, "The Secret Teachings of the Masonic Lodge"


Jonathan Blanchard and the Scottish Rite


The "Masonic Religion" and Jabulon

The "Meaning" of Jabulon

Ankerberg and Weldon at a Glance

The Reverend Ron Carlson and "Christian Ministries International"

A Sin to Divulge the Truth

A Book of Nonsense?

Luciferian Masonry

Trying to Stop the Dissemination?

The Reverend James D. Shaw and "The Deadly Deception"

The Cover of the Book

The Cost of the Thirty-Second Degree

Scottish Rite Obligations

Why Must We Always Do So Much Drinking?

The Resurrection of Hiram Abif

T.N. (Skip) Sampson and "Cornerstone Ministries"

Letter 1 -- Sampson to Morris (August 28, 1993)

Letter 2 -- Morris to Sampson (September 23, 1993)

Letter 3 -- Sampson to Morris (October 4, 1993)

Letter 4 -- Morris to Sampson (February 12, 1994)

Letter 5 -- Sampson to Morris (February 27, 1994)

Letter 6 -- Sampson to Crabbe (March 5, 1994)

Letter 7 -- Crabbe to Sampson (March 12, 1994)

Letter 8 -- Morris to Sampson (May 31, 1994)

Letter 9 -- Sampson to Morris (June 2, 1994)

Letter 10 -- Morris to Sampson (August 10, 1994)

Letter 11 -- Sampson to Morris (August 20, 1994)

Letter 12 -- Kleinknecht to Sampson (August 19, 1994)

Letter 13 -- Sampson to Kleinknecht (September 5, 1994)

Letter 14 -- Morris to Sampson (September 3, 1994)

Letter 15 -- Sampson to Morris (September 9, 1994)

Letter 16 -- Morris to Sampson (September 29, 1994)

Letter 17 -- Sampson to Morris (November 24, 1994)

Position Paper: James D. Shaw and the 33rd Degree [By Tom McKenny]

Letter 18 -- Morris to Sampson (December 29, 1995)

Letter 19 -- Morris to McKenney (January 2, 1997)

Falsus in Multus, Falsus in Omnibus

The Fruits of Anti-Masonry

Garden of Evil?

Stones of Evil

Please Look a Little Closer

Works Cited

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