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Rudolph Steiner

Translated from shorthand reports unrevised by the lecturer, from the German edition published with the title, Aegyptische Mythen und Mysterien (Vol. 106 in the Bibliographical Survey, 1961). Translated by Norman Macbeth.

A series of twelve lectures.


Lecture 1 . . . Spiritual connections between the culture-streams of ancient and modern times.

Lecture 2 . . . The reflection of cosmic events in the religious views of men.

Lecture 3 . . . The old initiation centers. The human form as the subject of meditation.

Lecture 4 . . . The experiences of initiation. The mysteries of the planets. The descent of the primeval Word.

Lecture 5 . . . The genesis of the trinity of sun, moon, and earth. Osiris and Typhon.

Lecture 6 . . . The influence of Osiris and Isis. Facts of occult anatomy and physiology.

Lecture 7 . . . Evolutionary events in the human organism up to the departure of the moon. Osiris and Isis as builders of the upper human form.

Lecture 8 . . . The stages of evolution of the human form. The expulsion of the animal beings. The four human types.

Lecture 9 . . . The influence of the sun and moon spirits, of the Isis and Osiris forces. The change in consciousness. The conquest of the physical plane.

Lecture 10. . Old myths as pictures of cosmic facts. Darkening of man's spiritual consciousness. The initiation principle of the mysteries.

Lecture 11. . The ancient Egyptian doctrine of evolution. The cosmic view of the organs and their coarsening in modern times.

Lecture 12. . The Christ impulse as conqueror of matter.

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