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Epilogue to the Master Mason Degree

Grand Lodge of Indiana

My Brother-

There is one more thing that I wish to mention before we close this Lodge and we all return to our normal lives in the mundane world:

You have now experienced the three degrees of Masonry. You have been presented with much in the way of symbolism and allegory. Hopefully, those symbols and stories have, or will come to have, a profound meaning for you.

When you go into the world now, in your new character as a Master Mason, you are sure to be confronted with people who will attempt to put meaning to those symbols and allegories for you, or attempt to tell you exactly what Freemasonry teaches by those symbols. They will say that you have joined a religion, or that you have replace one form of "salvation" with another, or that you are worshipping a "false god."

What you need to understand about Freemasonry is that the meaning of what you have seen and heard in this Lodge room is largely what you make of it. No single man speaks for Freemasonry, except you, to yourself. There is no sin in symbols -- only, possibly, in the meanings that we, by our own conscious choice, ascribe to them.

We gave you a Bible this evening, but we did not give you a religion. As you recall from the presentation, you were admonished to search within the pages of that sacred book for yourself; and earlier this evening, you were bidden to pray for yourself -- and no particular form or name was required for your prayer. Freemasonry does indeed have a teaching: it teaches each man to look within his heart, with clarity and subdued passion, to determine what is right and true.

There is an ancient riddle which asks: "Who is the Master who makes the grass green?" The answer, my Brother, is you, yourself. YOU are the Master who, by his own perception and understanding, "makes the grass green." YOU are the Master over the meaning of your own experience. YOU are entrusted with the power and responsibility to interpret all that you see and hear. And as long as you remain faithful to your trust, then NO man may ever take that power or responsibility away from you!

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