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time immemorial

by Neil R. Whary,
PM, Philo Lodge #243, F.&A.M., South River, NJ


We, the modern Freemasons of today, foster the best and foremost evolving and largest social structure in the world. Its ultimate survival as an institution will be determined by our individual personal free will decisions relating to God and the values with which we choose to organize and conduct our personal lives. Growth towards perfection as an individual Mason should be our fundamental orientation to life. This growth is evolutionary, is cumulative, and we can consider it to be an endless satisfaction for ourselves as Freemasons living in today's world.

Part and parcel of our ancient institution, and even now as Modern Speculative Masons, is the guardianship of what we vow in our Masonic obligations, to be the revelation of the concealed Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom teachings of Time Immemorial.

There are very few of us living today, perhaps a handful out of millions, who would have knowledge of the Ancient Mysteries that could be revealed unlawfully as we swear never to do, write them, engrave them, on anything, etc.,etc. So how could we know what we are guardians of?

Well, we do know that we should be guarding the Ancient Landmarks...never to be altered, but these were written down by the earlier "Modern" Masons such as Mackey, and non uniformly adopted by the Grand Lodges of Masons or not at all.

But can that be all of the "Greater of Mysteries School" the knowledge we know not of, assuming that each of us is doing well, having been admitted to the "Lesser of Mysteries School", and developing the working knowledge of the above? Of course not.

So? What's it all about Alfie, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED? And where in our Masonry can it be found out about? IS there a great danger to KNOW , as reinforced by the horrific symbolic penalties in the Masonic obligations one would incur if the rules of concealment are not observed?

An in-depth uncovering in mental visualization of the Ancient Symbols of Freemasonry found in the monuments, structures and ancient architectures...The Square and Compasses is an excellent choice to begin with. The Circle, Circle and Point in the Center of the Circle, and the Circle with a Line Diameter Halving It, mentally visualized in this triad "3Deified", is a singular and tremendous symbolism to uncover. What new thoughts come out of the blue for you to consider?

For God's sake, tell no one, nor write them, unless its in your personal diary for your own later review and testing.

Sister Betty in Rotterdam said in her recent post regarding the true wonders of Rosslyn Chapel that she experienced, that she was just simply most comfortable in the midst of the Symbols encrypted in the architecture of this old Church.

Members of the Rosicrucian Order should uncover The Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians of the 16th and 17th C., brought to Light for the first time from an old manuscript and published in 1785, in the same mental fashion.

Study the Holy Kabala

Kabala (Or Qabbalah) --The word is from the ancient Hebrew and, literally translated, means "Doctrines received by ancient traditions." The written teachings of the Kabala go back perhaps no later than the eleventh century. There is every evidence, however, that the oral teachings were in existence at a far earlier date. Traditionally, they are said to date back to the time of the secret wisdom related by Moses.

By a system of numbers, and letters of the Hebrew alphabet, the Kabala discloses the esoteric mysteries. Its philosophy, in other words, concerns ontology, the nature of being; cosmology, the origin of the universe; theology, the nature of God; and anthropology, man's relationship to God and the world.

If we are interested in a study of the Kabala for Masons, it is because we have felt an inner drive and a necessity to comprehend the mechanism of the universe. This inner drive signifies that we have passed though a stage of initiation that has taken us to our deepest roots. The quest of knowledge not been satisfied by religion or science, we turn towards the schools of mysteries hoping to find the answers to our inner questions.

Kabala brings us step by step on an experimental journey also bringing us to a coherent and true meaning of the universe. At first, faith and self-confidence are necessary for this inner path. However, this faith will progressively transform itself into knowledge.

The Kabala is yet another inner path an individual may take towards enlightenment, his own inner way. And it's not just a matter of reading about must become operative by the inner way. As in, " I am the way, the life and light of the world ".

This depends upon the individual Mason's desire and initiative to pursue such a Temple "building plan" for mystical study and development.

The complete answer amongst Masons will lead to a great expansion of Masonic knowledge according to the design of Most Worshipful Francis Bacon [Tudor] 16-17th C., First Grandmaster and Founder of Modern Speculative Freemasonry, First Imperator of the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis in Europe, Hidden Poet and Author of the Shakespearean Literary Works , Known Author of "THE GREAT INSTAURATION", and "THE NEW ATLANTIS".
"What is Truth?" said jesting Pilate, and would not wait for an answer. "Stay, traveller, why goest thou by so fast? READ if thou canst."
MW Bacon (Tudor) stated that he took all knowledge as his province, and was treading the path of the Ancients. The path involves Ancient Wisdom and philosophy, Kabala, Hermeticism, Magia, Neoplatonism, Alchemy, Christian teachings and Mysteries and modern Science. It stems from Enoch, King of Atlantis, and moves on into the future, to a New Atlantis and the Golden Age of Enlightenment.

A hidden "device" was incorporated in the Shakespearean Works that enables the "Reader" or Speaker with an appropriate invocation thought form to realize in a meditative state after "reading" or speaking, the secret knowledge and wisdom of the Ancients so possessed by MW Bacon (Tudor) as in the Shakespearean Work, "The Tempest" for instance.

An invocation "device" would operate according to the Law of the Triangle, similar to the following alchemical example.

The Law of the Triangle, simply stated for use in the mystic art, an alchemical process for making pure "gold" from the base "metals", is this:.

1.Inner meditation made on the first point of a triangle according to man's desire;

2. Perception, is the second point by application of the inner "heat";

3. Change is manifested on the third point as an actualization.
Or being mixed with lower elements the first point; "heated" on the second point; then removal of the baser from the finer is the third point of creation.

An instructive caution as to mankind's desire in actualization is in the holy scripture of the Great Master:

THE GREAT DANGER TO KNOW: "For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness: All these evil things come from within, and defile the man [mankind]."

A similar thought form invocation device could've been applied in MW Bacon's (Tudor) beautiful prose translation for the reader, or speaker of the authorized King James version of the Holy Bible. It is used on the Holy Altars of most Masonic Lodges in the United States.

In conjunction with the above, and many persons now, who are not Freemasons necessarily, are reading the "written" (by extra-terrestrials, ha,ha, no problem for Freemasons) accounts of the Urantia papers since 1921.

The book form, "The Urantia Book"...integrates the highest concepts of spirituality, science, philosophy, and history. This book was written to lead individuals to higher levels of individual and collective spiritual living. Not a text intended solely for any one religion, this guide correlates the cultural common ground of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and all Eastern religions.

Included are four sections: the first two deal with the structure of the universe, the third retells the history of the Earth, and the fourth offers a detailed description of the life of Christ. The Urantia Book offers an all-embracing philosophy of living and opportunity for spiritual growth and perfection.

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