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... to spread the cement of brotherly love and affection, that cement which unites us into one sacred band or society of brothers, among whom no contention should ever exist, but that noble emulation of who can best work or best agree ...

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Early Masonic Documents

Compiled by Lee Miller,  1999 - 2002

Old Charges consist of about 130 MS. beginning ca. 1390


OC = Old Charge                  Cat = Catechism                     OMDHS = In the Library of the Onondaga Masonic Districts Historical Society
RJ = Rejoinder                       Const = Constitutions              EMC = ‘Early Masonic Catechisms” by Knoop, Jones & Hamer, 1963.
MS = Manuscrip                    Word = Mason’s Word          EFE = “Early French Exposures,” by Harry Carr, 1971.                      
[which most of them are]





ACQ Text
Vol., Yr & Pg

Other Text

1390-98 ca Halliwell (Regius) Poem MS. MS     Mas. Book Club
1490 ca Cooke MS. MS OC    
1500 ca Dowland MS. MS OC    
1560 ca Landsdowne MS. MS OC    
1600 ca York MS., No. 1 MS OC    
1625 ca Harleian MS., No. 2054 MS OC    
1632 ca Grand Lodge MS. No. 1 MS OC    
1646 Sloane MS., No. 3848 MS OC    
1659 Sloane MS., No. 3323 MS OC    
1660 ca Harleian MS., No. 1942 MS OC    
1666 Aitcheson-Haven MS. MS OC    
1670 ca Edinburgh-Kilwinning MS. MS OC    
1670 ca York MS., No. 5 MS OC    
1680 ca York MS., No. 6 MS OC    
1686 Lodge of Antiquity MS. MS OC    
1693 York MS., No. 2 MS OC    
1696 Edinburgh Register House MS. MS Word 43, 1930 EMC
1700 ca Chetwode Crawley MS. MS Word   EMC
1700 ca Sloane MS., No. 3329 MS Cat   EMC
1701 Alnwick MS. MS Cat    
1704 York MS., No. 4 MS Cat    
1710 ca Dumfries Kilwinning MS., No. 4 MS Cat 6, 1893  
1711 Trinity College, Dublin MS. MS Cat    
1714 ca Papworth MS. MS Cat    
1714-20 ca Kevan MS. [OMDHS on disk] MS Word 67, 1954 EMC
1723 Mason’s Examination, A Flying Post Cat    
1723 Anderson’s Constitutions   Constitutions OMDHS  
1723 Post Boy Sham Exposure, The Post Boy No. 5373 Exposure   Heredom vol. 7
1724 Grand Mystery of Free-Masons Discovered Pamphlet Cat    
1724 The Sisterhood of Free Sempstresses Letter Poss. RJ   EMC p. 226-228
1724 Whole Institution of Masonry, The MS Cat    
1724 Letter from the Grand Mistress, A Letter Poss. RJ   EMC p. 229-239
1725 ca Institution of Free Masons MS Cat    
1725 Whole Institution of Free-Masons Opened Broadsheet Cat    
1725 Free-Masons Vindication, The   RJ   EMC p. 184-186
1726 Graham MS. MS Cat 50, 1937 OMDHS - disk
1726 Grand Mystery Laid Open Broadsheet Cat   EMC p. 97-98
1727 ? Mason’s Confession, A Scots Magazine Cat   EMC p. 99-107
1727 ca Wilkinson MS. MS Cat   EMC p. 108-151
1730 The Perjur’d Free Mason Detected Pamphlet Cat   EMC p. 187-209
1730 Aug Mystery of Free-Masonry, The Daily Journal News Cat   EMC p. 152-156
1730 Oct Prichard’s Masonry Dissected Pamphlet Expose OMDHS EMC p. 157-173
1730-01 A Defence of Masonry   RJ   EMC p. 210-225
1737 Reception d’un Frey-Macon French Exposure Ritual   EFE p. 3-8
1738 La Reception Mysterieuse French Exposure Ritual   EFE p. 9-39
1738 Anderson’s Constitutions, Rev.   Const    
1740 ca Chesham MS.   Cat   EMC p. 174
1740 ca Dialogue Between Simon & Philip   Cat   EMC p. 175-181
1742 Le Secret des Francs-Macons French Exposure Ritual   EFE p. 41-84
1744 Le Catechisme des Francs-Macons French Exposure Cat   EFE p. 85-112
1744 La Franc-Maconne ou Revelation des Mysteres des Franc-Macons French Exposure Cat   EFE p. 113-156
1744 Le Parfait Macon French Exposure Cat   EFE p. 157-200
1745 Le Sceau Rompu

The Broken Seal

French Exposure Cat   EFE p. 201-226
1745 L’Ordre des Francs-Macons Trahi et Le Secret des Mopses Revele

The Order of the Free-Masons Betrayed and The Secret of the Mopses Revealed

French Exposure Cat   EFE p. 227-277
1747 Les Francs-Macons Ecrases

The Free-Masons Crushed

French Exposure Cat   EFE p. 281-314
1747 La Desolation des Entrepreneurs Modernes [The Desolation of the Modern Builders] French Exposure Cat   EFE p. 315-375
1748 L’Anti-Macon French Exposure Cat   EFE p. 376-415
1750 Essex MS.   Cat 51, 1938, EMC p. 182-183
1751 Le Macon Demasque French Exposure Cat   EFE p. 417-475
1760 Three Distinct Knocks   Expose OMDHS  
1762 Jachin and Boaz   Expose OMDHS  
1772 Preston’s “Illustrations of Masonry”   Lecture    
1796 Webb’s “Illustrations of Masonry & Monitor”   Monitor OMDHS  
1802 Finch’s Masonic Treatise   Cat/Ritl OMDHS - disk  
1826 Wm. Morgan’s ‘Illustrations of Masonry’   Expose OMDHS  
1827 Folger MS. Cat [from French?]   OMDHS Mas. Book Club
1829 Light on Masonry, Bernard Book, Utica, NY Expose OMDHS Anti-Masonic
1610 ca ? Inigo Jones Constitutions   Const x  
  Miscellaneous Papers:        
1951 Haughfoot, The Lodge at (Carr) Pt I     63, 1950  
1951 Haughfoot, The Lodge at (Carr) Pt II     64, 1951  
1968 600 Years of Craft Ritual (Carr)     81, 1968 Mo. Research L.
1966 Masonic Fire (Carr)     79, 1966  
1970 Early Masonic Catechisms (Carr) Pt I   Cat 83,1970  
1971 Early Mas. Catechisms (Carr) Pt II   Cat 84, 1971  
1972 Early Mas. Catechisms (Carr) Pt III   Cat 85, 1972, 331  

See also another listing under title of Masonic Rituals which details the many Craft rituals.

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