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Nothing is more misunderstood by Masons and non-Masons alike than identifying exactly what the secrets of Freemasonry actually are.  Truth is there are two and only two secrets for each degree in Masonry:

  1. The Password for that order or degree

  2. The secret grip for that order or degree

There are no other secrets.

For every Masonic degree and order conferred by the A:.A:.& E:.F:. there is a ritual, a description of the degree, a discussion of the meaning of the ritual and one or more lectures.  Some degrees also have an apron, a cordon and a jewel.  Others have different paraphernalia.  All of them have one or more passwords and one or more secret grips.  Each person advancing to a degree is entitled to learn all these things.  All of this information except the passwords and secret grips may be communicated to any other person without violating any obligations the Mason may have taken.

In Esoteric Freemasonry there are three and only three secrets for each degree:

  1. The password for that order or degree

  2. The secret grip for that order or degree

  3. The secret lecture for that order or degree

The Secret Lecture is communicated as such during and after the ritual.  It contains esoteric information about the degree intended to assist the Mason on his or her spiritual path.  While this information is secret as it pertains to the Masonic degree in question, the information may be shared in any other way except as a Masonic secret.  In other words, the Mason may talk about the information contained in the Secret Lecture, but he or she may not indicate it is a Masonic Secret nor attribute that secret to any Masonic order or degree. 

The passwords and secret grips of any Masonic order or degree are never to be discussed outside the Lodge or with any person who is not a Mason entitled to know or learn that knowledge.  This is not unique to A:.A:.& E:.F:. but is true of all Masonic bodies. 

The Secret Lecture is unique to A:.A:.& E:.F:.  and in this lecture is imparted secret information for the initiate only.  Granted, some of these "secrets" may be obtained in other places and openly discussed by others.  Any Esoteric Freemason may discuss these things and raise important issues but only as "personal opinion" and not as a "Masonic Secret."

This means you may be placed in the situation where you cannot communicate a Masonic Secret to support your opinion and must merely substantiate your opinion as "based on my personal meditations and internal communications."  The point here is that not everybody is ready to accept and integrate the knowledge they'll learn in Esoteric Freemasonry.  We don't want a bunch of people rushing to become members just to discover the "secrets" of Freemasonry.  We seek to serve only serious spiritual travelers ready to learn what they must learn to advance on their chosen spiritual path.

These are  the secrets of Esoteric Freemasonry.

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